We analyse dynamic behaviour in relation to process variables, vibrations, temperatures, imbalance and shaft alignment.

Vibration Analysis

The outcomes we deliver enable our customers to get their machinery back to work quickly and safety.

We use a range of state of the art technologies to measure and evaluate vibrations in the range of 5 – 100,000 rpm.

Laser Alignment

Machine misalignment is considered one of the primary reasons for equipment failure and associated down time.

To help you overcome the disruption caused by misalignment, Roteq brings together expert knowledge and field experience with the latest technology to align machines to the highest standards.

Roteq does perform machine leveling as well as pipe strain measurements on any size of machine frames in any location.

Detailed reporting is delivered through the latest software so you promptly receive the exact results and can keep detailed records.

For complete assurance, Roteq's laser alignment equipment is calibration-checked and certified each year.

On Site Dynamic Balancing

Roteq’s Onsite Dynamic Balancing uses the latest technology at full operational speed on equipment up to 50 tons rotor weight. Our field balancing capabilities include single and multi-plane balancing.

When we carry out Onsite Dynamic Balancing under normal operating conditions and at nominal speed, you gain the assurance of knowing that your machine will operate within acceptable vibration limits under loaded conditions.

We provide onsite dynamic balancing for all rotating equipment including:

  1. Compressors
  2. Turbines
  3. Motors
  4. Generators
  5. Couplings

If Onsite Dynamic Balancing is not possible or does not meet your requirements, Roteq can carry out Workshop Dynamic Balancing.

Remote Diagnostic Centre

Successful rotating machinery operation relies heavily on knowing its real in-depth condition. When you have this information at your fingertips, you have a reliable safety margin for planned shutdowns and preventative maintenance.
Roteq’s Remote Diagnostic Centre analyses the condition of your machinery continuously and cost effectively.
Our custom set-up diagnostic interval reports provide current data on the precise condition of your equipment, and full recommendations regarding maintenance without the cost of onsite visits.

Not only will our experienced technicians expertly diagnose whether your equipment is performing within or outside defined limits, but also troubleshoot to find the root cause of any problem and provide a workable solution.

Any questions? We're glad to help you.