Roteq’s single source solution for controls condition monitoring, machinery performance, system integration, instruments and upgrades is relied on by major companies across Asia Pacific’s industrial sectors.

Our familiarity with the strengths and limitations of different OEMs’ control systems for rotating equipment and the components that make up these complex systems enables us to set up controls to operate at their maximum potential.

Machinery Protection System

Roteq’s expertise in machinery protection systems ensures reliable operation and prevents damage to machines.

We offer the perfect solution of the latest technology protection system in relation to vibrations, temperature and process variables.
Fully API 670 compliance and compatible with most existing systems, your upgrade of existing systems or new installation comes at significant lower costs than from other suppliers.

Machinery Performance & Anti-Surge Protection

When 100% output from your compressors and turbines is wanted, or is not enough, Roteq can take your machinery to its highest operating limits without risking machinery damage. 

As experts in rotating equipment, Roteq optimises the efficiency – and reduces the costs – of machinery performance. 

Using advanced algorithms, we will get your machinery as close as possible to its upper limit under the safeguard of anti-surge protection integrated into the operation and calculations. 


To minimise the risk of even the smallest controls components causing machinery failure, Roteq verifies all instruments during services, ensuring they are calibrated and installed correctly for ultimate performance.

Our independence from OEMs means we can advise you on which instruments will give your machinery the maximum results. Our instrument technicians will assist you with:

  1. Verification
  2. Installation
  3. Pressure testing
  4. Temperature
  5. Vibration
  6. Flow
  7. Recommendations to update instruments, including transition to wireless.

Consultancy & Upgrades

As a single team and a people-focused business we consult and advise daily on appropriate strategies to resolve challenging engineering problems.

Starting from the first site visit, where we review the equipment in place, Roteq engineers collaborate with you – and each other – sharing their knowledge to achieve durable, realistic upgrade solutions. 

This results in valuable cost and time savings, as you avoid unexpected breakdowns and damage to machinery and gain greater reliability and efficiency.

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